Fabric origami Cornflower

To make an origami flower cornflower, cut one by one from dark and light fabrics using an octagonal template for origami Г. Sew a module and iron it. Mark the center point on both sides of the module (it is located at the intersection of the diagonals) with a pencil, crayon, etc.

Mark also the middle of the four opposite sides (Fig. 1).

Fold the four other opposite sides of the module toward the center by 2.5 cm so that the fold lines pass through the marked midpoints of the sides (Fig. 1). Fix the position of the resulting “frame” with pins. Iron the folds through the fabric. Remove pins. Attach the middle of the sides of the frame with neat stitches to the bottom of the module (Fig. 2).

The scheme of making a flower from the fabric Cornflower

On each side of the “frame” make the cuffs from the middle, fix them with pins (Fig. 3). Iron the folds through the fabric (fig. 4). Remove pins. Turn the module over to the other side.

Fold the corners to the center and secure their tops with a needle and thread (Fig. 5).

Phased creation of Cornflower made of felt using origami technique

The cornflower ribbons are almost ready (Fig. 6); all that remains is to iron it out. Attach the cornflower flower to the base, sewed its central part from the wrong side.

Video workshop Cornflower in the technique of origami