The Tale of an Old Man and Three Sons (Origami FairyTale)

Under the dark forests, under the walking clouds, under the frequent stars, under the red sun in a small village near the sea, there lived a peasant. He lived not rich and worked all his life – he worked a piece of land.

       The peasant had three sons. When the father became old and could no longer work in the field, he handed his land over to his sons. The eldest got the biggest piece (1), the middle one – the smaller one (2), and the youngest absolutely tiny (3).

The elder sons received their inheritance and refused to feed their father under old age. What should the little brother do? How to feed yourself and the old father? He thought and thought and decided to become a fisherman – sold his plot of land (3) and bought a boat (5).

 A fisherman came out to sea, caught fish and was about to go home. But then the waves rose, an evil hurricane struck and smashed his ship on the reefs (5)

A fisherman threw on a desert island in some boots (6) and pants (7). Around the sea is nothing, not a single sail is visible.

The fisherman burned out. But suddenly a magic bird has arrived from nowhere (8). She asked the fisherman what happened. He told her about his grief-misfortune.

The bird felt sorry for him. She waved her tail – dressed the fisherman in a warm sweater (9).

The magic bird waved its right wing – the kettle appeared (10). She swung left – there grew up a table (11) and a chair (12) both from under the ground. The poor fisherman seated the bird at the table, began to regale, and drank hot tea.

Then the bird flew away. The smaller brother is watching – and there is already ready to sail the boat (13). He sat in it and swam home.

On the sea, meanwhile, again the storm broke out. But it was not scarry for the magical boat. The sailor removed the sail and calmly descended into the hold – the boat (14) would sail to the coast.

He looks, and the bird has prepared a gift for him. Two chests in the hold are. Fisherman opened one chest (15) – full of silver. He opened another (16) – and he is completely full of gold.

Here and the fairy tale end, and who listened – well done! Like a fairy tale? Put the money in the box (17)!

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