Fairytale about Brothers Months and Santa Claus (a fairy tale from Origami)

Once upon a time there were twelve brothers-months: January, February, March, April (1),

May, June, July, August (2), September, October, November and December (3).

Once they received a letter from Lapland from Santa Claus. He was instructed to open it to December, because he was awarded the Medal (4) for the New Year.

Santa Claus wrote that he could not come: he got very sick, caught a cold. Brothers months are worried – there will be no New Year without Santa Claus, because only he has a magic elixir. The brothers-months drink this elixir and are reborn, they become new from the old.

Brothers of the month gathered on the road – to help out Santa Claus. They boarded a large ship (5)

taking with them warm boots (6) and pants (7)

and also the bird of paradise (8), from singing of which they started dancing and even seriously ill recovered.

The brothers did not have time to drive up to the shores of Lapland, as the bird started to sing and a Santa Claus ran out towards them in this sweater (9).

He was very happy about the brothers, brothers gave him drink immediately a magic elixir (10), then they sat down at the table (11) on a chair (12).

They talked about the past year, the brothers told about their business and decided to move back as soon as possible. And for speed, they boarded a boat with a sail (13).

But Santa Claus turned out to be so much a gift that they had to transfer to such a catamaran (14).

The road to the land was not an easy one: a strong storm broke out. A huge wave has risen. But being a magician, Santa Claus persuaded waves, and they did not take the chest (15) with gifts for the children.

Another wave immediately arose, even more than the first one, but it was also managed to be persuaded and to save one more chest with presents (16)

And here and the coast seemed, where travelers were met by joyful children. Like a fairy tale? Then put the money in the box! (17)

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