Fabric origami

Our site will introduce you to a new kind of needlework – fabric origami.

This is a variation of the ancient Japanese art of origami — folding paper figures of animals, birds, butterflies, flowers, etc. — which has become popular in recent times. For the sake of fairness, it must be said that the sources of this fascinating activity, which makes it possible to create real miracles from pieces of woven materials, while competing with nature in fiction, can be found here: it’s enough to remember how intricately draped fabrics when sewing clothes in the old days.

However, fabric origami is a special phenomenon. It is much younger than the orikat (Origata) – a six-hundred-year-old custom to fold paper beautifully, handed down from generation to generation in the samurai class. But it has its own philosophy, its own rules, its own tricks – quite simple, and the results are simply amazing with a minimum of time, effort and money.

No special tools are needed. Only what is in every home is involved: scissors, needles, thread, sewing machine … The main tool is hands. They will be skillful if you take the matter in good humor. And this kind attitude will surely turn into a hand-made product.

It is not by chance that origami has long since attributed magical properties. So, according to belief, paper cranes – tsuru – bring happiness and longevity. Origami magic has the opposite effect: anxiety, fatigue, irritation – everything that darkens the mood recedes after making figurines and flowers.

Once, with the help of origami, they corresponded with each other: they confessed their love, expressed respect, confirmed friendly feelings, etc. Each fold of paper origami had its own meaning. What message can fabric flowers carry? If they are made for themselves, decorating their clothes, household items, and dwelling, then, apparently, in this way, the person informs others about himself that he is open to the world, to everything new, and loves life. If a flower or a product with it is presented to another, then this is at least a demonstration of a friendly disposition.

A deeper interpretation is possible if we recall the symbolism adopted in Europe: thistle – kindness, hydrangea – generosity, generosity, dahlia – maximalism, bell – conservatism, tulip – dignity, rose – beauty and inaccessibility, aster – fun, freesia – fearless and stubbornness, peony – endurance, gladiolus – hard work, etc. There is only one problem: the knowledge of such wonderful properties of colors is the lot of the few, therefore, so that your “message” is completely deciphered, maybe you need a hint, a hint?

Crafts made from fabric are easier to fold than paper figures: you can’t fix a wrong fold on paper, while the fabric allows you to achieve a good result even after a few mistakes. Flowers are made on the basis of several patterns (six of them, the main ones, are given in the book). But before they pick up the fabric – contrasting colors, to make the flower more expressive. In this case, you can be guided by intuition, and you can – tips color wheel. And then begins the process of creating a flower – in fact, in many ways, copying the forms and color combinations that Nature has already found. Perhaps, being engaged in an origami from a fabric, people come nearer to understanding of secrets of a universe?

With the help of our site, you will not only learn how to make jewelry in the form of flowers, made using origami technique, or to make of them or with their help effective and necessary things (for example, bags and boxes), but also, following the recommendations, you can sew products – pillows , cosmetic bags, glasses cases, etc., and then decorate them with fabric flowers. After the first, imitative, steps in front of you will open a wide scope for creativity. You can experiment by combining materials that are different in texture and color, invent new, original models, and put them together into whole pictures. Nature will always be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for you. Sod at the dacha, a path in a field or a clearing near a forest, a hot country with bright exotic plants – everywhere you can get ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind piece of fabric.