Robert Harbin

The real name of Robert Harbin is Ned Williams, the profession is a magician. He was born in 1909 in an English family living in South Africa. Ned was a purposeful boy and, embodying the dream of becoming a famous illusionist, wrote out books and textbooks on this craft from England. Reading manuals, he became acquainted with the art of origami.

In 1929, Robert went to London, where he began to act as a magician. Robert is touring the USA and Canada. During the war gives a presentation in the military theater. He goes with the troupe around Egypt, Iraq, Iran, walks through the markets of Bombay, striking local fakirs with his tricks and penetrating the secrets of local magicians. Among artists he is known as the inventor of several unique tricks. Here is what American writer Christopher Priest writes about him: “In the 1950s. Briton Robert Harbin invented the number he called “Woman Zigzag.” In the eyes of the public, the assistant enters the standard-looking box, which, as it turns out, consists of several compartments, and when the magician pulls out the middle of them, the assistant’s torso also moves away to the side, and the head and legs remain in place. Most of the other magicians failed to solve the zigzag secret, and they readily forked up on a set of secret instructions prepared in advance by Mr. Harbin; the proceeds from the sale of funds allowed him to live comfortably until the end of his days. “

Since 1953, Harbin returns to his studies of origami. In 1955, British television broadcasts his regular TV program, Misters Right and Left Hands. In 1956, his book was devoted to the art of origami and became a bestseller.

After meeting Lillian Oppenheimer in 1957, Robert Harbin released a number of books on this topic. He then becomes President of the British Origami Lovers Association. Robert Harbin passed away on January 12, 1978.

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