Fabric origami flower Climbing Rose

1. Start making this exquisite flower with robots above its middle part. Take a silk ribbon with a length of 15–20 cm and a width equal to half the radius of a round pattern for origami Ж. On the edge of the tape, make a needle-and-forward seam (Fig. 1).

Pull up the seam and lay folds 1.5 cm deep (Fig. 2) to create a cone. Secure the thread. Ribbon stitches or stitch neat stitches.

2. Using a round pattern for origami A, carve out one piece of dark and light fabrics. Sew the module and iron it. Fold the workpiece horizontally and vertically to determine its center. Mark the center point on both sides of the module with a pencil, crayon, etc. With a few stitches, attach a flower to the base of the module just below the center of the module (Fig. 2).

3. Fold the workpiece strictly on the applied pencil or small lines (Fig. 3), to get a “pocket”. Smooth out folds with an iron.
4. Bend the upper part of the “pocket” outward by 1.5 cm and secure with a secret seam (Fig. 4). Rose is ready.