Fabric origami flower Pion

Creating a magnificent origami peony takes place in two stages: first, make a whisk, and then the receptacle. Cut them out on one pattern at one time, and then put them in different ways

Using the pentagonal pattern B, open two pieces for each blank of dark and light fabric, sew two blanks and iron them. Find the center point (it will lie at the intersection of the diagonals), mark it on both sides of each module with a pencil of a contrasting color, chalk, etc.

Fabric origami flower Pion
Fabric origami flower Pion

Peony corolla

1. Fold the sides of the workpiece towards the center by 3 cm (Fig. 1).

2. Fold the module counterclockwise. Bending the last, fifth side, bend the end of the first lapel and put the end of the fifth one under it (Fig. 2). Iron the bends.

3. Open the “pockets” at the corners of the module, fasten their bases with neat stitches. The junction points are at the apexes of the central pentagon (Fig. 3).

4. Pressing down on the central part of each “pocket”, flatten it (fig. 4). Pin down the new “pockets” position. Iron the rounded piece through the fabric.

5. Using a strong thread, put a needle-and-needle seam through all layers of fabric, departing 0.7 cm from the edge of the workpiece (Fig. 5). Do not fasten the end of the thread. Remove pins. Pulling the end of the thread, tighten the seam so that a circle with a diameter of 1-2 cm is formed on the back of the blank

6. Gradually fasten the end of the thread to the back of the module. If the resulting circle is too large, lay another seam next to the first one and also pull it off. Turn the module over to the other side (fig. 6).

7. Bend the tops of the “pockets” to the assembled center of the module. Smooth the lines of the folds. With inconspicuous stitches, passing the needle through all layers of fabric, sew the tops of the “pockets” to the center of the workpiece (Fig. 7).

Fabric origami flower Pion
Fabric origami flower Pion

8. Peony corolla is ready (Fig. 8). As a corolla, you can use not only the “front” side, but also the reverse, “seamy” side of the workpiece (Fig. 9), the central part of which is occupied by a pentagon.

Receptacle peony

  1. Fold the corners of the second blank towards the center (fig. 10).
  2. Neat stitches sew the tops of the corners to the center of the workpiece (Fig. 11).
  3. Open the “pockets” and fold their edges out 1 cm to the outside so that the fabric of a different color is visible. With the help of a needle and thread, securely fasten the edges of the “petals” along the edges of the module (Fig. 12).

Origami assembly of peony flower

Position the corolla in the center of the receptacle and fasten it with several stitches by sewing on the central part. Volumetric bunk flower peony ready. Sew on each corner of the receptacle from the seamy side.

Fabric origami flower Pion
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