Paper Origami Sheep

On the basic form of a kite, follow the steps 1-4 snowflakes

  1. Pull the corner from the inside of the figure.
  2. Turn the corner out on the other side of the paper.
  3. Turn over.
  4. Bend the figure by pulling the corner at the top.
  5. Fold a piece of paper from the fold. Fold the corners, pulling up all the paper and not making new folds.
  6. Bend the corners.
  7. Turn the corner inside out. Bend the tail-corner, grabbing the paper of the body. Concave the corner below. Tuck the corners of the front legs into the body.
  8. Bend the corner. Opening the work, remove the corner on the legs inside the figure.
  9. Bend the corners inward, shaping the head, neck and legs of the sheep.
  10. Make bends to fit your ears. Concave the corner on the face.
  11. Set the figure.
Paper Origami Sheep
Paper Origami Sheep
Paper Origami Sheep
Paper Origami Sheep
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