Paper Origami Pig

  1. Bend the base form of the kite in half.
  2. Open the pocket to 1/5 of the lower side, flattened, iron the folds. Open the kite.
  3. Bend along the intended folds, turning the corner to the other side.
  4. Fold the bottom corner. Lower the top by pulling the corner on the other side.
  5. Make an incision to the inflection line, bend the corner inside the figure. Lower the corner down.
  6. Wrap the corner of the ponytail. Bend the corners, revealing the ears. Lift the corner to the top side.
  7. Wrap a corner away from you.
  8. Cleaning corners, issue a patch.
  9. Draw a piggy eye, designate a nose.
Paper Origami Pig
Paper Origami Pig
Paper Origami Pig
Paper Origami Pig
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