Origami Paper Ostrich

Paper Origami Ostrich

Fold a short version of the basic bird shape.

  1. Concave a blind corner.
  2. Raise the bottom corner.
  3. Bend the corners, pulling them to the side, and on the one hand less than on the other.
  4. Concave the corner. Lower the top.
  5. Make an incision. Concave the corner. Bending the side to the cut, flatten the “pocket”. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Concave the corner above the middle of the upper side. Lift the corner and bend the other. Repeat on the other side of the work.
  7. Concave the bottom corner. Bend the corner-wing. Bend the corner-neck. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Bend the corners on the neck and bottom. On the leg, fold the zipper.
  9. Bend the corner-head, slightly flattening.
  10. Make a beak with a double zipper fold.
  11. Set an ostrich figurine.
Paper Origami Ostrich
Paper Origami Ostrich

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