Paper Origami Monkey

Fold it like a crow figure to figure 4.

  1. Lift the corner at the top. Fold the side parts from the middle.
  2. Bend the sides along the folds on the other side.
  3. Fold along the lines already marked.
  4. Raise the bottom corner.
  5. Lower the corner, leaving a zipper crease.
  6. Make the lower tail corner thinner by aligning the sides with the middle and flattening your pockets. Pull the corners slightly while pulling out the sides.
  7. Lower the sides.
  8. Bend the corners below the legs. Fold the figure in half.
  9. Bend the corners on both sides of the work. Pull the top corner down. Bend the corner-tail.
  10. Concave the corners, making the tail and muzzle. Bend the corners of the arms.
  11. Make folds and zippers on your head to shape your nose, forehead and eyes.
  12. Set the stick figure.
Paper Origami Monkey
Paper Origami Monkey
Paper Origami Monkey
Paper Origami Monkey
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