Origami Paper Elephant

Paper Origami Elephant

  1. Bend the basic form of “kite” in half.
  2. Fold the long side in half. Fold the short side in half, then outline a quarter of the side with a fold.
  3. Open the pocket by aligning the corner with the dot on the bottom. Lower the top corner.
  4. Turning the lowered angle, bend the figure according to the folds indicated in the right figure. The top corner is on the other side of the job.
  5. Bend a small corner away from you. Lower the upper part by lifting the part bent to the other side.
  6. Make an incision and concave the bottom corner. Lower the top.
  7. Fold the zipper to separate the trunk.
  8. Concave corners. On the trunk, the fold begins from its lower corners.
  9. The baby elephant is ready.
Paper Origami Elephant
Paper Origami Elephant
Paper Origami Elephant
Paper Origami Elephant

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