Paper Napkin Lotus

Paper Origami or Napkin Lotus, Water Lily

Origami flowers are one of the most popular requests among those who master the art of folding paper. Flowers are collected quite easily and quickly, and look very impressive and beautiful. Try and you collect the flower according to the scheme below!

The finished origami flower can be presented as a gift, used as a design element, home decor at the time of a festive feast or parties, they can decorate dishes. Origami flowers also look good on decorative panels, applications and in gifts.

Putting a lotus, be patient and persistent. At the stage of the unfolding of the petals (6 and 7) it may not be all that is clear, unnecessary folds and creases may form. But the result will justify your efforts: the flower will be very beautiful.

Paper Origami Lotus, Water Lily
Paper Origami Lotus, Water Lily
Paper Origami Lotus, Water Lily

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