Origami Flower Amaryllis

Origami Amaryllis flower can be made in two ways.

First Way

Origami Flower Amaryllis

Second Way

Origami Flower Amaryllis
Origami Flower Amaryllis

To make a flower leg, take a sheet of green paper and twist a tube out of it, slightly bend it, apply glue to the end of the tube and insert it into the middle of the flower, after cutting off its tip.

From green paper twist the big tube for the legs. Take the three flowers by the legs and insert them into a large tube (paste). On one leg should be located three flowers. Flower petals wind the scissors on my own. Now it remains to make leaves for our flower.

Amaryllis Leaf

For the manufacture of Amaryllis leaves you need two sheets of green A4 paper.

Amarillis Leaf

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