Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson began working in the technique of origami rather late – at the age of 25 years. The desire to create beautiful things prompted him to search the library for literature related to various crafts. It was there that in 1983 he came across an origami book, which made an indelible impression on him. The simplicity of model execution allowed virtually anyone to create things of aesthetic value. All that was required was a piece of paper and perseverance.

At first, Nick just repeated the model, and then began to create their own. Such famous masters as Dave Bril, Robert Lang, Kunihiko Kasahara became real ideals for him.

Now in the asset Nick more than three hundred of its own models. For four years he tried to make a living teaching origami. Unfortunately, he had to return to his main profession – learning to work on computers.

Nick Robinson belongs to the school of origamists, seeking to achieve maximum expressiveness with the relative simplicity of the models. The influence in this direction on him had Paul Jackson and John Smith.

In recent years, Robinson turned to the technique of wet folding. Some of his works, exhibited in York at the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the British Association of Origists, received personal approval of Akiro Yoshidzawa.

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