Required items for origami fabric

Thimble – it protects the tip of the middle finger from painful needle pricks during sewing.
Pins. They can be used instead of sweeping and for fixing the folds of the workpiece when folding colors.

Magnets – they help collect steel pins, such as inadvertently scattered across the floor.
Loop These kind of loops help to quickly thread the needle.
A box of wax. When sewing, you may need wax: waxed thread is not twisted, not confused, not drawn into the loop.

Pad – it is necessary for the storage of needles and pins. Tailor crayon, pencils – with their help they mark up directly on the fabric. Measuring tools – a ruler, compasses and a square will be useful for cutting out parts without using templates. For sewing items that are supposed to be decorated with fabric flowers, you may need a wide wooden ruler with a length of 90 cm. Do not forget about the centimeter tape – the scale on it should be applied on both sides.

Scissors – it is necessary to have scissors for cutting fabric – tailoring, as well as scissors for cutting paper (cardboard), braid and cord, intended for finishing products. Iron – when folding flowers from fabric, the seams, folds, folds of the blanks must be well ironed – fixed with an iron.

The bottle with glue for treating cuts is a glue that prevents shedding cuts; it can be replaced with colorless nail polish. Glue, like nail polish, should be used with great care – the fabric covered with it darkens. Copy paper and tracing paper – help, for example, to remove the pattern patterns. Millimeter paper – it is convenient to draw patterns of base items or patterns on it.

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