Fabric origami flower Clematis

For making origami flower Clematis, you will need:

1. Using a round pattern for origami A, carve out one piece of dark and light fabrics. Sew the module and iron it. Fold the workpiece horizontally and vertically to determine its center. Mark the center point on both sides of the module with a pencil, chalk, etc.

Fabric origami flower Clematis

2. Put the module with the dark side down and bend the four segments towards the center by 3 cm, the result should be a square. It is possible to simplify the work, if the pre-folding lines are marked with a pencil, a small one, and a paper. Smooth the folds at an angle and fix the position of the segments with pins (Fig. 1). Iron the workpiece with an iron through the fabric. Turn it over with the dark side towards you (fig. 2).

3. Fold each corner to the center, fasten the tops with several stitches (Fig. 3). Then bend each vertex of the new square towards the center of the module by (, 5 cm.). Attach them with neat stitches (Fig. 4). Now the billet has acquired a rounded shape (Figure 5).

4. Attach the clematis flower to the base, stitching its central part with invisible stitches.