Fabric origami flower Camellia

Fabric flower (origami) – camellia, made on the basis of an octagonal pattern for origami. Cut one by one from dark and light fabrics.

Sew the camellia flower module and iron it. Mark the center point on both sides of the module (it is located at the intersection of the diagonals) with a pencil or chalk. Mark also the middle of four opposite sides.

Fabric origami flower Camellia
The scheme of making a flower from the fabric Camellia

Bend to the center four other opposite sides of the workpiece 2.5 cm so that the fold lines pass through the marked middle of the sides.

It turned out a square with a “frame”. Secure the framed frame with pins (Fig. 1). Turn the flower fabric module over to the other side. Fold the corners towards the center and fasten their tops with several neat stitches, using a thread to match the fabric (Fig. 2). The result was a camellia flower with four “petals”. But the work on the flower is not over yet: the camellia is an exquisite plant, and it will take a lot of effort to create fabric origami. Each “petal” bend towards the center by 2.5 cm (Fig. 3). Sew the corners quietly (fig. 4) .

Elongated “petals” turned into triangles (from one fabric), the upper edges of which are not fixed. Bend these edges approximately 1 cm to make the fabric of a different color visible. Using needle and thread, attach the middle of the new cuffs with very neat stitches (Fig. 5) .

Press off the blank – and the origami camellia flower is ready (Fig. 6). Attaching it to the base, sew the center piece.

Fabric origami flower Camellia
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