Fabric origami flower Chrysanthemum

1. Lovely flower origami chrysanthemum. Use a square origami pattern B. Dig out one by one from dark and light fabrics. Sew the module and iron it. Fold the workpiece horizontally and vertically to determine its center. Mark the center point on both sides of the module with a pencil of a contrasting color, chalk, etc.

Fabric origami flower Chrysanthemum

2. Each side of the module is divided into four equal parts and tick. Spend a pencil on a thin line between the two marks nearest to each corner. Fold the corners of the module along the marked lines to the center. Iron the bends and fix the position of the corners with pins (Fig. 1).

3. Fold the sides of the module towards the center so that the fold lines divide the corners in half. Lock the cuffs with pins (Fig. 2, 3).

4. Iron the folds through the fabric. Remove pins. It should be square. Turn the resulting billet on the other, reverse side.

5. Fold all the corners to the center of the module so that they meet at one point. Iron the folds and fasten the tops of the corners with neat stitches (Fig. 4). Remove pins.

6. Using a needle and thread, pull together the edges of the “strips” of dark fabric so that you can see the corners of the light fabric (Fig. 5). The stitches will be laid on the front side, so try to sew very carefully using threads to match the product.

7. Iron the product (fig. 6). Attach the finished chrysanthemum flower to the base, sewing its central part from the inside out with inconspicuous stitches of threads in tone with the fabric of the chrysanthemum flower.