Fabric origami Carnation flower

To create origami flower carnations once again use the octagonal pattern for origami. First, select one by one from the dark and light fabrics of the color of the desired flower. Sew and iron the origami fabric module. Mark the center point on both sides of the module (it is located at the intersection of the diagonals).

Fabric origami Carnation flower
The scheme of making a flower from the fabric of Carnation

Lay the billet of the flower with the dark side up. Fold the four opposite corners towards the center 4 cm (Fig. 1). Secure each cuff with a pin.

Fold the module clockwise. Make the last fold of the fabric, slightly bend the side of the first corner and place the edge of the last under it. The octagonal billet of the flower became square (Fig. 2).

Iron the folds through the fabric. Remove pins. Turn the module over to the other side. Fold the corners to the center of the module (Fig. 3).

Secure the tops of the corners in the center of the workpiece with discreet stitches (Fig. 4).

Fabric origami Carnation flower
Photo workshop creating a flower made of cloth Carnation using origami technique

Unscrew the tops of the “pockets” in the center of the blank, open the “pockets” and fasten the sides with stitches – the “bags” should turn out (Fig. 5, 6). Iron the folds.

Bend the tops of the “petals” of our origami carnation flower and fasten it with a needle and thread between the “pegs” (Fig. 7). Attach a carnation flower to the base.
Origami is ready.

Video workshop of creating a flower from Clove fabric using origami technique

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