Fabric origami flower Geranium

1. To make an origami geranium flower, follow the steps for creating an origami flower Anemone. After opening all four “pockets”, push in their central parts so that hollows and folds are formed. Smooth folds.

2. Secure the folds with a needle and thread, retreating from the edge of the resulting octagon by 1 cm. At the same time, the needle must pass through all layers of fabric (Fig. 1).

Scheme making flower Geranium fabric

3.Open the “pockets” and turn them outwards (Fig. 2).

4. Turn the module over to the other side.

5. For the stitches made earlier, draw a pencil line to make a square. The distance from each of its sides to the edge of the workpiece is 1 cm (Fig. 3).

6. Fold toward the center along the marked lines of the side of the workpiece. Secure each lapel in the center with several stitches (fig. 4). Again, turn the blank face to itself (Fig. 5).

7. Petals of the resulting flower should cover the base almost completely. Attach a flower to the base, stitching it with neat stitches from two opposite catch. Origami fabric flower geranium – ready.

Video workshop on making a flower from fabric using origami geranium technique