Fabric origami flower Freesia

1. More complex volumetric origami flower fabric – freesia. Using a square pattern Б, single out one piece of dark and light fabrics. Sew the module and iron it. Fold the workpiece horizontally and vertically to determine its center. Mark the center point on both sides of the module with a pencil of a contrasting color, chalk, etc.

2. Put the module with the dark side down and bend all four corners towards the center so that they meet at the same point.

3. Smooth the folds and secure the bent corners with pins (fig. 1).

Fabric origami flower Freesia
Fabric origami flower Freesia

4. Divide each side of the module into three equal parts and make a mark at these points with a pencil.

5. Using the needle-forward seam made in the form of an arc, connect the sides forming the corners at the points closest to the corners. Thread then do not fasten, and leave the ends longer (Fig. 2).
6. Take out the pins. Pulling the left ends of the threads, evenly gather the fabric along the seams and carefully fix the threads on the edges of the workpiece. After that, unscrew the corners of the module (Fig. 3).

7. In the middle of the module formed a square. In its center, lay the seam “forward needle” in the form of a small circle, do not fasten the end of the thread. Slightly pull off the seam, remove the material (Fig. 4).

8. Squeeze the gathered part of the billet to create a convex base of the flower, and tighten the thread tightly (fig. 5). Secure it. Sew the central part of the flower to the base from the inside of the side with neat stitches of threads to match the base.

Fabric origami flower Freesia
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