Fabric origami flower Phlox

1. To make a phloxa flower, a pentagonal pattern B is used; cut out two details of dark and light fabrics. Sew two blanks and iron them. Find the center point (it will lie at the intersection of the diagonals), mark it on both sides of each module with a pencil of a contrasting color, a piece of chalk, a remnant, etc.

2. Fold all the corners of the module inward, towards the center (Fig. 1).

Fabric origami flower Phlox

3. When folding, move clockwise. The edge of the last lapel refill at the end of the first lapel. Sew the corners to the center of the module (Fig. 2). Iron the edges of the workpiece.

4. Open the “pockets” and fold to the opposite side, to the “inside”, their tops 1 cm, so that the fabric of a different color can be seen. Gently sew the resulting “petals” to the edges of the workpiece (Fig. 3).

5. Using a needle and thread, connect the adjacent “petals” of phlox (Fig. 4).

6. Iron the product. Attach a flower to the base, sewing each “petal” from the wrong side.