Extras for origami fabric

The fabrics are cut, the cooking modules are stitched, the flowers and buds of them are folded. You attached them to the product-based – it seems to be beautiful, but at the same time something is missing: either the stamens of the flowers, or the sun glare, or the droplets of dew, which will give liveliness to the created picture. Putting the necessary accents, give completeness of work, correctly decorate the product will help additional materials.

What can be used as additional materials? Everything that you find worthy of attention. Choose!

Beads – they can be strung on a wire and lay it on the product. Beads can be sewn on each stitch and “needle back”. The drawing or pattern that they want to get, mark up on the fabric with a pencil or paving the seam “needle forward.” If the fabric is transparent, then a sheet of paper is drawn under it with a painted motif.

Small Beads – use – similar.

Sequins – come in various sizes, they are sewn on with each seam “needle back”.

Rhinestones – attached and thermoglue.

Braid – lace braid is suitable for inserts or trim edge, you may also need bindweed braid, lace with lace edge, twill, etc. Before use, wet the braid and allow it to dry so that it shrinks. This will save you from unpleasant surprises.

Feathers of birds – natural colors or dyed.

Tapes, cords, brushes. Colored wire.

Buttons – For decoration, you can take buttons on the legs, for example, with a pattern or cast in mother-of-pearl, pulling – using contrasting fabric – and wooden buttons of various shapes, etc. Buttons that play the role of decoration can be sewn not very firmly. Very large buttons with large holes are sewn with strong silk threads or with the help of a rudder (a kind of cord, sewn from fabric) 5 cm long. The ruler ends are sewn with a thin needle to the seamy side of the fabric.

For sewing products that will then be decorated, you may need clips, rivets, clasps, etc. – for example, from metal or plastic. And for the panel, loops are necessary for hanging, reliable and, moreover, elegant, but not violating the general harmony. Accessories can be of different sizes, shapes and colors. You can buy it in the shops of sewing accessories.

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