Fabric origami flower Zinnia

1. Using the octagonal origami pattern of fabric G, carve out one piece of zinnia for a flower from dark and light fabrics. Sew the module and iron it. Mark the center point on both sides of the module (it is located at the intersection of the diagonals) with a pencil of a contrasting color, chalk, etc.

2. Fold all the corners of the resulting workpiece to its center (Fig. 1), doing this consistently, counterclockwise. Then, using a needle and thread, sew all the tops of the corners to the very center of the module (Fig. 2).

Fabric origami flower Zinnia

3. Iron the creases along the edge of the workpiece (fig. 3).

4. Open the “pockets”. Press down on the center of each “pocket” to flatten them. After that, bend out, turn out all the tops of the “pockets” and secure them with a needle and thread with neat stitches (Fig. 4).

5. Lay the needle-forwards seam around the outer edge of the module using a thread to match the fabric. Do not fasten the long enough end of the thread (fig. 5).

6. Pull up the seam (fig. 6). Turn the module over to the other side. Flatten the gathered edge so that the assembly is evenly distributed, and properly secure the end of the thread (fig. 7). The billet took the bulk form. Turn it over again.

7. Using a needle and thread, pull the fabric between the “petals” to make the flower even more convex (Fig. 8). While fastening the product on the base, sew each of its “petals” from the seamy side with neat, inconspicuous stitches. Pick the thread to match the main product.