Fabric origami flower Thistle

1. Origami flower Рthistle. Using a square origami pattern B, carve out the details of the dark and light fabrics. Sew the thistle flower module and iron it. Fold the workpiece horizontally and vertically to determine its center. Mark it on both sides of the module with a pencil, etc.

Fabric origami flower Thistle

2. Bend each corner of the module toward the center by 4 cm, with an effort, swipe over the bend with your thumbnail. Secure the cuffs with pins (Fig. 1). Turn the workpiece over to the other side. Iron, remove pins.

3. In the center of the module with a pencil or with the help of the needle-for-through seam, make a square with a side of 1 cm (Fig. 2). Bend the angle of each lapel so that the fold line lies on one side of the central square (Fig. 3). Observe the sequence of actions: move clockwise so that the side edges of the cuffs find each other. Moreover, the end of the next lapel should be at the end of the previous one. Secure the folds with pins and iron through the fabric. You should have a module, the upper part of which is a square of dark fabric, the lower part of the module is a square of light fabric (only its corners are visible).

4. Stitch together all layers of fabric at the tops of the central square (Fig. 4).

5. Open the “pockets” at the junction of the cuffs. Pressing on the top of each “pocket”, flatten it (Fig. 5).

6. Using neat stitches, connect adjacent angles of the triangles (Fig. 6). Iron off the folds. Secure the flower on the base, sewed its central part on the wrong side.