Many origami models were originally invented by the authors. Those, in turn, drew inspiration from the figures made by other masters. Meet some recognized origami masters in our section.

  • Photo of Lillian Oppenheimer

    Lillian Oppenheimer

    Speaking about the masters and founders of modern origami, one cannot but remember the American god’s origins, Lillian Oppenheimer’s “godmother”,…

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  • Photo of Paul Jackson

    Paul Jackson

    Paul Jackson stands a little apart from the bulk of the English origamist. The fact of the matter is that…

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  • Photo of Nick Robinson

    Nick Robinson

    Nick Robinson began working in the technique of origami rather late – at the age of 25 years. The desire…

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  • Photo of Dave Brill

    Dave Brill

    Until recently, Brill was a bank clerk. Now he is engaged in origami and painting. His book “Brilliant Origami” is…

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  • Eric Kennevay

    For a long time, Eric Kennewei was vice president of the British Origami Lovers Association. An artist by training, he…

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  • Photo of Robert Harbin

    Robert Harbin

    The real name of Robert Harbin is Ned Williams, the profession is a magician. He was born in 1909 in…

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  • Photo of Issei Yoshino

    Issei Yoshino

    This Mr. was a recognized leader in modular origami. Issei Yoshino was born in 1964 in the city of Kawaguchi,…

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  • Photo of Toshi Takahama

    Toshi Takahama

    Toshi Takahama was born at the very beginning of the twentieth century. The husband is a businessman and four children…

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  • Photo of Yoshihide Momotani

    Yoshihide Momotani

    Mr. Momotani, the world-famous master of origami, is a botanist by education. After graduating from Kyoto University in 1952, he…

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