10 lifehacks for successful fabric origami

After you stitch two or three large things with one needle, replace it with a new one. Blunt needle, kick and bent, damages the material. The thickness of the needles for sewing machines increases with the increase of their serial number.

If you like fabrics, but you are not sure that their combination will be successful, try to remember if you have seen a similar combination of colors in nature. Nature is never wrong. It will also help the study of paintings by great masters, which can be seen in museums and art galleries

First of all, study the pattern of folding the flower and, so that later we will not be disappointed, decide which fabric, dark or light, will play the role of the front one

Try to fold model with a minimum of attempts, so that the fabric is not wrinkled. Each fold, first smooth down with the nail of the thumb Folds well laid at the initial stage, simplify further work. And when moving to the next stage of making a flower, do not forget to iron the product.

At the time of operation, the needles and pins should be at arm’s length at a needle bed – a magnet or a pad.

In order not to interfere with the thimble during operation, it must be selected according to size; he must wear the finger freely and not fall down and hold firmly enough.

Before you begin ironing, remove all pins from the workpiece, otherwise you may damage the iron, or use a cloth

For storing needles to pins, ours use a pad with a special powder to clean them of rust, foam rubber, etc. A cushion can be attached to the bracelet – it is worn on the wrist during work.

Lines made when cutting into crayons or with a thin remnant are peeled off to be erased, so you need to stitch the workpiece as quickly as possible. The pencil used for this purpose can be simple for light fabrics, beaten or yellow – for dark ones.

Before sewing on the basis, the origami flower can be bent in half to give the impression that he turned the head to the side due to the blow of the wind.

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